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EVOC Packs

It’s the winter of 1999. Basically the entire world is in panic mode preparing for the strike of midnight and the year 2000 to roll in and delete every piece of technology they’ve been so diligently trying to protect . . . except for Holger Feist. He and some friends are in the remote backcountry surrounding Arlberg, Austria filming for their newest snowboard video. Then, in the blink of an eye, it happens . . . “Avalanche!” The word draws chills down Holger’s friend’s necks as they watch their friend rag doll down a couloir. Thankfully Holger wasn’t seriously injured in the accident and walked away with a back injury caused by his avalanche shovel he had stored in his backcountry pack. It was during his recovery that Holger began to wonder if there was a way to build a pack that protected the user as well as provided functional use and still be fashionable.

Being both and avid mountain biker as well as former pro skier Holger began to wonder if the same level of protection would have a benefit in the cycling world. It was on a 3-week bike trip to the base camp of Mt. Everest that he made the decision to return home and being construction of his new pack.

By now the year was 2003 and Holger had just wrapped up the first prototype backpack and sent it out for testing in La Paz Bolivia. In doing so he and his friends discovered a whole other issue, one that a sensible solution had yet to be developed. Their bikes had been carefully packed up in a bike box for the groups next adventure but upon arrival they discovered the bike box had been completely ripped apart and the bicycle was left completely exposed to the elements and they’re gear was clinging to the remains of the tattered bike box.

Over the next 5 years Holger continued to tinker with his designs and make functioning prototypes for all his friends. Then out of the blue he received a call from the legendary bike shop “Flying Ball” in Hong Kong. Mr. Lee, the owner, has just unpacked a bike out of this amazing bike bag and he must carry them in his store. By the time the phone was hung up Mr. Lee had ordered 50 bike bags and the Evoc brand was born.

Over the next 7 years Evoc has ggrid-xn into one of the snow sports and cycling industries larger dedicated pack/bag brands and continues to great eye catching media as well as quality and durable packs.


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