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Nitro Snowboards.


Nitro Snowboards

The year is 1990. Thomas Delago and Sepp Ardelt are talking about life in a dinner just outside of Seattle, WA. This thing called Snowboard has consumed their lives and they’re sharing stories of the issues they’ve faced with the current offerings of snowboards available on the market. Then the idea hits them . . . “Why don’t we try and make our own Snowboard?”

They knew this emerging sport was exploding and that people needed better equipment under their feet to help keep pushing the limits of sport. In a time that was predominately dominated by skier’s they needed to create a brand that stood out and grabbed peoples attention while still ensuring great quality and progressive technology. It was there in that faithful Seattle dinner Nitro Snowboards was born.

Today, 26 years later, Thomas and Sepp have ggrid-xn the Nitro brand into one of the world’s top snowboard brands. Generating over $8 Million dollars in revenue in 2013 Nitro has ggrid-xn into one of the industry’s top performing brands.

They currently offer a full spectrum of both adult and junior snowboards, bindings and boots and have now expanded their reach into the clothing world with their clothing line L1.

With offices and R&D shops set up all over the world Nitro has the ability to test product in as many different conditions as possible to ensure that by the time the product reaches their customer’s hands they can confidently say its some of the best available at the market.

Over the years Nitro athletes have been able to continuously push the limits of snowboarding thanks to the support they received from the brand. Weather it be on a slope style course with Marcus Kleveland or in a street setting with Eero Ettala, riding their pro model boards, or now in the back country with Brian Fox and Austin Smith showcasing Nitro’s new Quiver Series boards, Nitro has always listened to rider feedback and figure out ways to make their product better and better.


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